• Are you having difficulty in a personal or business relationship?
  • Are you and your teenager constantly fighting?
  • Are you a member of a group that is having in-fighting or not running at optimal functioning?

Try mediation!

Mediation is a structured, short-term process that helps individuals, families and groups come to mutually agreeable decisions. It is a solution-focused process that helps all parties be heard and creates a concrete plan of action for the future.

I am a certified mediator* with certifications in dyad (two person), small group, and parent-teen mediation models:

        Dyad: you and whomever you are in conflict with come together and an agenda is set as to what is to be discussed. This provides a way through having ‘the same old argument over and over again.’ Viable agreements are reached that both parties agree to.

Parent-Teen: this is a powerful technique for assisting families during this stage of life.  This process cuts through the constant power struggles that often occur, and the outcome of this mediation process is a written agreement about what both the adults in the family and the teen will agree to.

Small group: if your community group is experiencing conflict, suggest group mediation! This structured process helps everyone be heard and ‘get on the same page’ so the group can meet its objectives.

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*non-Florida court approved; not available for litigious cases