Do you want to heal your heart and learn to love again?

Heal Your Heart* Coaching

  • Are you hurting over the break up of a relationship?
  • Do you still carry anger and resentment toward your ex-partner?
  • Are you hoping not to continue the same patterns in your next relationship?
  • Would you like to heal your heart and learn to love again?

There is hope after heartbreak!

A 13-week, telephonic coaching program which empowers you to use the ending of a relationship as the catalyst to create and live the life of your dreams!

This transformational coaching process, using the power of guided visualizations, will help you to:

  • Transform your pain into power
  • Move beyond fear, resentment, and other sabotaging emotions
  • Claim the wisdom and strength that exists within your heartache
  • Re-build self-respect, self-confidence, and self-love
  • Liberate yourself from the stories, excuses and limitations of the past
  • Heal your heart and learn to love again

If you would like to heal your heart and transform your life, please call for a free sample session now!

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*I am a Certified Divorce Coach with the Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching. This coaching Model is based on Debbie Ford’s best-selling book:  Spiritual divorce: Divorce as a catalyst to an extraordinary life. You may purchase it at: